June 7, 2013

(a part of Noncitizen – a nomadic film and cultural project)

Noncitizen-plakatasnoncitizen filmainoncitizen dinner auditorija 02

05-03-2015 Dramalabbet, Stockholm, Sweden

A dinner about free movement, human rights and citizenship. With excerpts from: “Förvaret” (Anna Persson and Shaon Chakraborty); “I am Dublin” (David Aronowitsch, Anna Persson, Sharmarke Binyusuf, Ahmed Abdullahi); “Crisis Document. A Survival Guide” (Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall & Marta Dauliūtė).

Discussions with: Shahram Khosravi, Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Peo Hansen, Tobias Hübinette, Roozbeh Janghorban, Elham Sameri, Asylstaffeten.
Arranged by LAST PROJECT in collaboration with Story AB, RåFILM, Folkets bio, Re:public, ABF Stockholm, Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Indian Inn.